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About Us

VYBINEX Digital Solutions is a full service Digital & Technology innovation house based in Dubai, UAE, and are into website designing to implementation of all methods of Digital Marketing that aims to deliver pioneering innovative solutions and services and to stay one step ahead in digital marketing & technology industry that always keep changing constantly.

Our creative team lives and breathes design and technology and delivers custom solutions for all the services we provide that fit your company, your needs, and to achieve your business goals. We are fully aware of how building and maintaining your organization’s identity and is vital to the long-term success of your business activities. Therefore, our service set out to satisfy your ever-changing business purposes.

At VYBINEX we offer a large set of solution for businesses in the area of branding design solutions like graphic designing works from logo designs to flyer designing and to corporate branding ; website designing as static and dynamic website portals and e-commerce online shopping web portals and web application development; media advertising and productions like photoshoots for wedding, corporate events, photography for restaurant food menu designs and social media postings, video ad shoots and video productions solutions; digital marketing solutions like Social Media Page Management , Google SEO and Google Ads, promotions through influencer marketing solutions; Mobile App Development in Android and iOS platforms; software and ERP software solutions to create a comprehensive service that has the capability to solve strategic and creative problems that your venture might face.

Our Team

Mohammed Shammas

Founder & CEO

Sunu Nazim

Chief Technology Officer

Arfad STP

General Manager & Operations

Mubashir A P

Creative Manager

Mahfooz Bappan

Creative Director

Ajmal Abdulla

Account Manager

Jubair Ponnan

Media Creator